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All Together

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The Church fo England churches of Graffoe Parish are pleased to announce the launch of our new All Ages Café Church

Everyone is welcome!

Café Church is not your traditional church service. It’s relaxed and very informal, tailored for all ages (0-99 years+), to enjoy together. As we sit around tables, café style, and enjoy fresh tea, coffee, squash, pastries and biscuits we listen to and sing traditional hymns to more modern music, as well as new modern hymns and worship songs; we hear the Christian stories and think about life and our purpose here in this world; also taking the opportunity to pray for the world we live in and for those we care about. We’re cheaper than Costa Coffee – It’s free!

Join us for a relaxed and enjoyable Sunday morning,
every week, at 11am in Navenby C of E School,
starting the 12th of May.